The Library Book – 3 January 2017

I absentmindedly left a book from the newly opened SMU law library at the ATM after drawing money and went off to buy food, before realising that it was missing about 10 minutes later. The book wasn’t there when I went back to the ATM and I re-traced my steps about 5 times but couldn’t find it, so I genuinely panicked for the next 45 minutes or so, thinking that some selfish bastard took the book for himself while it was borrowed under my name and I was going to be blacklisted for losing a book that didn’t belong to me and that costs about a week’s worth of breakfast+lunch+dinner.

Not knowing what else to do, I was kind of “resigned to my fate” and just went back to eating my food. I was halfway through my Korean spicy noodles when it occurred to me to pray hard that the book would be found or that whoever found it would return it to the library without taking it for themselves. And prayed I did, all the way until my noodles were done. I then checked my email like I usually do after mealtimes, not expecting anything different to pop up. Then I saw the email right at the top, titled “Library Book” by a person I didn’t know, so I opened it and there it was – a kind fellow student from SOE had found it for me, left his number and offered to find me in school to return it to me. Within 5 minutes I was thanking my benefactor profusely, the book was back in my hands and I returned it back to the library where it belongs.

TL;DR – 

(1) God cares about the things that are exceptionally trivial to us and finds ways to show how much He cares for us even in our daily lives, we just need to make an effort to calm ourselves down and find Him in the mess.

(2) There is a lot more goodness in people than we would like to believe. I automatically assumed the absolute worst in whoever had found my book, when the truth was seriously the opposite. It is totally worth doing good to others even if you think that humanity as a whole doesn’t deserve it, because you might actually really make someone’s day and help them think twice about their assumptions.


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